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Adhesives, Glues & Scenic Materials

Deluxe Materials produce an amazing range of adhesives, finishing products and scenic materials for all modelling subjects, not just Railway Modelling.

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Making Waves is a specially formulated, odourless, clear setting resin that is designed to hold its shape even on vertical surfaces. Thus it can be used to form waves, texture water surfaces to make ripples, waves and even waterfalls. It can also be coloured with water-based paints and is easy to clean up with water.

Making Waves is available in 100ml and 250ml sizes. Click here for info sheet.

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Liquid Gravity is a brand new non-toxic weighting system for models railway rolling stock, radio control models. This is specially designed to pour into and fill small cavities and set in place with an applied adhesive. Thus it will:

  • Improve stability of models and miniatures
  • Adjust centre of gravity of miniatures planes and boats

With the phase out of lead based products from all types of modelling, we felt the market was ready for an easy to use non-toxic alternative. Hence Liquid Gravity. Click here for info sheet.

Roket Cyano GluesDeluxe produce a range of cyanoacrylate glues (very similar to superglues) in their Roket Cyano range, which have a variety of uses:
Roket Hot: Super-thin, fast penetrating adhesive; sets 1-5 seconds.
Roket Rapid: Medium Viscosity, fast setting adhesive; sets 5-10 seconds.
Roket Max: Thick, maximum gap-filling adhesive; sets 10-20 seconds.
Roket Odourless: Crystal Clear, low odour grade, non-blooming and safe for bonding clear plastics and foam; sets 5-10 seconds.
To complete the Cynano range is Roket Blaster, which is a spray that allows curing time for cynano glues significantly, and Glue Buster, which debonds and disolves cyano glues. Useful if you make a mistake while gluing, and it even unbonds skin!

Right Lines e-ZineBallast Bond is a new way of ballasting track with ease.
CLICK HERE to view an article on how to use Ballast Bond.

Clean and protect your track with ease with Track Magic.
CLICK HERE to view an article on how to use Track Magic.

DLAD-57 Roket Card GlueOther adhesives available which are useful for scenic modelling are Scatter Grip, used for bonding flock and scatter materials to baseboards, trees, and other scenery. It dries tacky and gives plenty of working time with the materials; Scenic Spray Glue, a product similar to Scatter Grip but in a spray bottle for precision work; and Roket Card Glue, which is fantastic for building Metcalfe and Superquick card building kits, as well as scratchbuilding with card. It also bonds Balsa wood, paper, and card to most plastics.

Right Lines e-ZineCLICK HERE to view an article on how to use Deluxe Card Glue.

DLAD-29 Tacky WaxWe think Tacky Wax is a fantastic product. It is a wax adhesive that allows materials to be temporarily bonded together, and we reccomend that you use if for afixing plastic miniature figures to your baseboard, station platforms etc. Because it is only a temporary bond, the figure is able to be picked up and moved around the layout at will, all the while retaining the tackiness of the glue.
Right Lines e-ZineCLICK HERE to view an article on how to use Tacky Wax.

Speed Bond is a specially formulated modelling PVA glue that has a unique solvent chemistry for faster drying. It is available in 112g and 500g bottles.

Model Lite is a strong lightweight filler, which sands easily. It bonds wood, foam, or fibreglass, but is reccomended for use only where a strong joint is not required. It is available in both White and Balsa tint.
Micro Balloons is a free flowing powder that when mixed with polyester or epoxy resin makes an easy sanding strong filler, which can also be used to create snow effects with Scatter Grip.

River Scene Deluxe also produce a range of scenic materials which can be used to make water, snow, and rust effects.
Scenic Water is a re-meltable one part resin that flows and set as you want it to make moving and static water effects.
Solid Water is a two part resin for simulating clear water in garden ponds and puddles. It can create the illusion of deep water with minimal thickness, making it ideal for use in canals and lakes on railway layouts or wargaming terrain.
Scenic Fibres work with the other water products to easily reproduce more realistic moving water such as waterfalls and river rapids. When put in place, the scenic water is poured over the fibres and clings to them.

Snow SceneAnother useful range from Deluxe is a selection of products for producing scenic snow effects.
Scenic Snow is a complete kit containing all you need to create dramatic winter effects; Scenic Snowflakes, Icy Sparkles (to give the snow a frosty shimmer), and Scenic Bond.
Scenic Snowflakes are also sold separately in a 500ml shaker pack. Combined with using Scenic Spray or Scenic bond, it can be applied to buildings, trees, and terrain.
Scenic Shovelled Snow Is a unique type of scatter material which can be used for thick piled snow. Spray Scatter Grip on the area, scatter the snow on, and then seal with Scenic Spray Glue. Snowballs and snowmen can also be created with this product. Just mix some of the Shovelled Snow with Scenic Spray glue or Scatter Grip and mould to shape like modelling clay.

Scenic Rust contains everything you need to create realistic rust effects on any material that may be painted. The Scenic Rust Powder and Binder are mixed together, applied to the surface, and left to dry. The Scenic Rust Developer provided is then applied, and after 8 hours the rust will have developed.

DL26 Scenic Rust

Right Lines e-ZineCLICK HERE to view an interview with John Bristow, owner of Deluxe Materials.

CLICK HERE to view an article on Deluxe Materials Track Magic.

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