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Right Lines e-Zine Faller New Items 2017

Faller 2017 New Items

Stuart Jordan

STUART JORDAN looks at what is due for release in 2017 from Faller.

Faller are one of the core ranges here at Gaugemaster. Although they are based in Germany, a large number of the products that they produce are usable on model railways set in both Britain and North America. I'm going to have a look at some of the highlights of the new items announced by Faller, but you can view the whole selection here.

HO/OO Scale

Faller New Items 2017

Well known for their building kits, Faller often bring out some interesting and eclectic kits of subjects not otherwise catered for. This year Faller are releasing an indoor swimming pool (FA130150), looking not unlike the swimming pool at Bognor Butlins did about twenty years ago (in my clouded memory...), which would fill a space on a layout nicely.

Faller New Items 2017

Another ubiquitous building is the Small Forwarding Facility (FA130166). This is typical of the type of building found in lineside industrial estates, although it may need a more sober paintjob for a British layout!

Faller New Items 2017

The Modern Station Platform and Accessories Kit (FA120100) gives you two lengths of platform, various ramps, and a selection of 'set dressing', including signboards, information screens, and ticket machines. Although they are for a continental setting the various signs, with a bit of work, will be suitable for British layouts.

Faller New Items 2017

What Faller do well is accessories to add tiny details to bring your layout to life. In this case, an industrial building or workshop can be enhanced with this Metalworking Machinery Kit (FA180456).

Faller New Items 2017

Figures can enhance a layout, but what really adds interest is the non-human element. This Farm Animals Set (FA150938) gives you a large number of animals in one pack.

Faller New Items 2017

One of the more enigmatic releases is the Paraglider (FA180340), which can be hung above your layout.

N Scale

Faller New Items 2017

The Concrete Mixing Plant (FA222211) is a new addition to the N Scale range. The kit contains various different grades of gravel, to allow you to model realistically partitioned materials.

Faller New Items 2017

A mainstay of the Faller HO/OO Scale range is the Hot Air Balloon, and it finally comes to N Scale (FA232390). Like the Paraglider in the HO range, this can be hung above your layout to add an additional dimension to the viewer.

Faller New Items 2017

The Modern Station Kit (FA212130) comes to the N Scale range, after previously being available in HO/OO Scale. Although based on a German prototype, with a bit of modification this kit can be used to represent many modern British stations.

Z Scale

Faller New Items 2017

A useful multi-purpose item announced in Z Scale is the Garden Centre Kit (FA282788).

Car System

Faller New Items 2017
Faller New Items 2017

An interesting new addition to the HO/OO Scale range is two different Car System chassis, presented on their own allowing you to add your own body. There is an fixed length version for trucks (FA161470) and an adjustable length version for other vehicles (FA163703). For N Scale modellers, there is a new Postal Bus Starter Set (FA162008) to get you started.

HO/OO Scale Fairground

Faller New Items 2017

A bit of a goliath, the new Alpina-Bahn Rollercoaster (FA140410) is motorised, and would be the ideal centrepiece to a fairground diorama.


Faller New Items 2017

New for scenic modellers is a selection of items to allow you to mould and produce your own figures, tunnel portals etc. The range consists of Mould Compound (FA171665), Parting Agent (FA171666), and Casting Resin (FA171667).

I've just scratched the surface of the new releases in this article, if you want to see the full range of announcements CLICK HERE. I do recommend that all modellers have a good look through the Faller range, you're sure to find something interesting for you to add to your layout.

CLICK HERE to view the Faller New Items 2017 PDF

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